Thursday, 27 November 2008

Stuck in Paradise

Our trip around some of the world's continents was organised way back in June.

Naturally, we didn't know specifically when we would be flying from city to city so we booked some provisional dates safe in the knowledge that we could change the bookings at any time for free.

We were originally meant to be flying to Australia out of Singapore on Dec 1st but, given we are 2,000miles away in Bangkok (more on that later) due to welcome delays in China, Hoi An and Phnom Penh, we need to push the dates back.

So we phoned Singapore Airlines yesterday and the conversation went like this:

Jeff/Ann - Hello, can we move our flight booking from the 1st to the 18th of December?

Singapore employee - No, I am afraid all flights that day are full.

Jeff/Ann - Oh, no problem, how about the 17th.

Singapore employee - Also full.

Jeff/Ann - How about the 16th.

Singapore employee - Let me just tell you that all flights are fully booked from the 11th of December right up to Christmas.

Jeff/Ann - Right, good, we'll phone you back.

The long and the short of it is, our pre-Australia travelling will now be continuing right through into the middle of January!

So Indonesia and/or Phillipines stamps will be getting added to our overflowing passports. Needless to say, the unexpected extension to our trip has not been too much of a disappointment but goodness knows where we'll be spending Christmas and New Year!

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