Monday, 10 November 2008

look left - right - left again...or just walk!

Hanoi has taught us one thing. When you're about to cross a road, forget everything you've ever learned and just walk straight into the chaos and everyone will just find their way around you. Ok, there are traffic lights but that's just a token gesture that there's some sort of order to the craziness.

But if children can ride their bikes in it, whole families can fit onto scooters in it and old women an carry their fruit for sale in it, then we worldy Westerners can surely survive when hiring bicycles to ride on the roads?

Well, no. We chickened out and just walked all day instead. Don't have any broken legs to speak of though! And I'm sure we'll find a nice quiet beach resort to hire some bikes at.

Speaking of which, it's off to Halong Bay tomorrow for living on a 'junk boat' and kayaking around islands.


Johannes said...

Verkar som ni har det underbart! Paddla kajak låter härligt! Nästan som i Karlskrona kan jag tänka mig ;-) Ta hand om er och paddla inte för långt ut på öppet hav där farliga fiskar lurar..
(Sorry but I am to lazy to write in english)

Eva Roxbergh said...

I´m just so happy to follow you.
Googled your next stop and found this:
"Uns fazinierte vor allem das smaragdgrüne Wasser in der Lagune,aber auch von der Karstlandschaft waren wir absolut beeindruckt.So eine ähnlich schöne Landschaft hatten ..."
Geniess es!!/ Enjoy !
Love, mammma Eva

Nik said...

You absolute wimps.

For years I've been trying to show you how to brazenly cross the roads in Britain, and if you'd paid attention, or tried to be more like me, you could have been the chicken that got to the other side. Instead, you're just the chicken.

(Please do not insert sarcastic comment about me getting run over last week, as that happened on a zebra crossing and was in no way my fault or down to my approach to crossing roads).