Saturday, 6 December 2008

Right, where were we...

I know photos can only tell so much of a story so we have come online here in Krabi to finally update the blog properly. Well, I say properly but it's mostly just a quick list of things that have happened in the past week since we left Bangkok:

Hired a Vespa and took turns driving around the lazy island of Ko Phangan off the East coast of Thailand.

Stayed in a very nice resort in Ko Tao, a mountainous island just north of Ko Phangan.

Visited yet another island, Ko Phi Phi which is unofficially one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Not that I would disagree for a second.

On this island (off the west coast of Thailand) we did a snorkelling tour taking in Monkey Beach (with wild monkeys), Bamboo Island, Maya (where The Beach was filmed) and Shark Point. The snorkelling was amazing. Clear blue waters and a fabulous array of fish to look at.

Now, as I say, we are in Krabi and tomorrow we leave for Kuala Lumpur at 6:30am. Entering Malaysia will mark our 6th stamp in the passport. However, we will stay for only a few days as we will fly to Banda Aceh on Tuesday.

Energy levels are still high and our enthusiasm for new sights has not been dimmed. The only problem is we just keep forgetting its Christmas soon given our tan (Ann) and our sunburn (Jeff).


Margo Writer said...

Oh my gosh, spaz! Your full beard and mustache make you look a little like MY dad in his 20's, and with the mustache alone a little like Bertie Wooster. Sorry, couldn't resist. Lookin' good. And Ann is a lovely lady! :)

Jeff said...

I guess everyone's Dad must go through a moustache period for a while. So let it be known that there are no mini-Jeffs out there, despite the fleeting facial hair!

I could do a lo worse than looking like Bertie Wooster, though I'd rather have his wit.