Monday, 1 December 2008

Ok, this is the last batch!

Photo 1  Jeff with a fantastic, if a little ginger, moustache. (Looking a lot like his Dad circa 1989)

Photo 2  Relaxing by the beach and the pool at Ko Tao (south Thailand)

Photo 3  Walking the plank out to the Catamaran, a boat that had almost every passenger feeling sick. Most of all Jeff - least of all Ann!  (Lets remember that Ann was sick for a week after eating mushrooms!!) (lets also remember that the staff on the boat only offered Ann a bag to be sick in but not Jeff)

Photo 4  The biggest indoor Buddha statue in the world.

Photo 5  Buying some cheap noodles on Ko Shan Road (central Bangkok)


Nick said...

awesome pics. Not heading to oz till mid january. You know its Chinese new year near the end of january so maybe you could hang out somewhere where they celebrate it. Might be a nice experience.

Jeff said...

We managed to squeeze onto a 3rd of Jan flight so we'll now be in Oz pretty early next month.

Should be some great celebrations in Melbourne for that though.